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Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority Engineer Job

Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority has announced the job of Civil Engineer, this is a good opportunity for the aspirants to take advantage of this opportunity and use their skills to make their name and that of their country brighter.

Job Details for Civil Engineer

Education Required  Bachelor / Degree in civil Engineer
Quota Provincial
Grade BPS-17
Test Date  17 July 2023
Interview Date 24 July 2023
City Gwadar, Baluchistan

How to Apply

If you want to apply for this, you have to attach your ID card domicile and 2 passport size photographs with your application. For more details you can apply on the advertisement given below so the last date is 14th July 2023۔

About Compony

The Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority (GIEDA) is a pivotal governmental body in Pakistan, established to spearhead the strategic development and management of the Gwadar Industrial Estate in the port city of Gwadar. GIEDA plays a crucial role in realizing Gwadar’s potential as a hub of economic growth and regional connectivity.

Gwadar, located in Balochistan, holds immense significance due to its strategic maritime location along international trade routes. GIEDA’s primary objective is to facilitate the establishment of a world-class industrial estate within Gwadar, attracting local and foreign investments while fostering industrialization, job creation, and economic diversification in the region.

GIEDA oversees the planning, development, and infrastructure provision for the Gwadar Industrial Estate. This includes the creation of essential facilities such as roads, utilities, and services necessary for industries to flourish. By creating a business-friendly environment and offering competitive incentives, GIEDA encourages industries to set up operations in Gwadar, driving economic expansion.

The authority’s endeavors align with Pakistan’s larger economic and development goals, focusing on enhancing trade and connectivity under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) initiative. GIEDA’s efforts contribute to the transformation of Gwadar into a strategic trading and industrial hub, thus fostering regional integration and opening up new avenues of progress.

In essence, the Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority is a driving force behind Gwadar’s industrialization and economic growth. By strategically developing the industrial estate, attracting investments, and facilitating trade, GIEDA plays a vital role in positioning Gwadar as a key player in global trade and regional development.

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