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Civil Authority Pakistan Accountant Job

Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has announced the vacancy of Assistant Directors – Accounts, this job can be applied from all over Pakistan, this is the best opportunity for those who are interested in this job, they apply for this post. can do People from all over Pakistan can apply for it

Job Details for Assistant Directors – Accounts

Education Required MBA/ with 2nd Division
Age Limit Maximum 30 Years
Post Experience 2 Years
No.of Seats Thirteen (13)
Contract Period Three (3) Years
Location Pakistan

How to apply for this post

If you want to apply for this post, if you have all the degrees that they have asked for, then first of all you have to attach your degree certificate and your photos and copies of these documents at the top and given the link below. You have to open it and put your documents in it and fill the form And it is also mandatory to add your identity card, if you don’t add it, they will reject you. This post will remain on this website for 15 days. For more information, you can see the advertisement below.

About Employer

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan is a pivotal regulatory body responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of civil aviation within the country. Established to ensure the safe, efficient, and organized functioning of the aviation industry, the CAA plays a vital role in promoting air travel, regulating air traffic, and maintaining aviation standards.

The CAA’s core functions encompass a wide range of responsibilities, including regulating aviation safety, issuing licenses to pilots, air traffic controllers, and aviation engineers, as well as certifying aircraft and airports to meet international safety and operational standards. This authority also manages air traffic control services, navigation systems, and air traffic management to ensure the smooth flow of flights across Pakistani airspace.

Another significant role of the CAA is to facilitate the development and expansion of airports and aviation infrastructure. It oversees the planning, construction, and maintenance of airports, ensuring they are equipped to handle growing passenger and cargo traffic.

Moreover, the CAA actively participates in international aviation forums and adheres to global aviation regulations set by organizations like the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). By doing so, it maintains Pakistan’s compliance with international standards, fostering the country’s reputation in the global aviation community.

The CAA’s commitment to safety, security, and efficient aviation operations contributes to Pakistan’s connectivity and economic growth. By upholding the highest standards of aviation practices, the CAA ensures the well-being of passengers, the reliability of cargo transportation, and the overall advancement of Pakistan’s aviation industry.

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